EcoProducts is HACCP Certified – it's BIG news

EcoProducts is HACCP certified

EcoProducts is HACCP certified!
It seems that only those businesses who have to go through HACCP certification understand the gruelling and hugely demanding process one has to undergo in order to get this internationally recognised food-safety certification.  So we’re thrilled to announce that we are have finally achieved this milestone!
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a preventative food safety system that has been set up by the European Union to ensure that the production of food entails as few hazards as possible for consumers.   It offers consumers peace of mind to know that the companies they are buying their food from have been HACCP certified.
Critical control points throughout the production process are identified and begin from the very moment fruit enters our factory.  Every single fruit gets examined according to very specific standards and all non-conforming fruit eg:  cracked, old and discoloured fruit is discarded.
Our environment is highly controlled with all staff required to use anti-bacterial soap, wear protective clothing, and the building has intensive anti-pest measures in place.  We also constantly swab surfaces for analysis and send our powder regularly for microbiological testing for any yeasts, moulds or bacteria.
A HACCP inspection takes a whole day, but it’s taken us a whole year to prepare for it, making sure we have all the many, many process steps in place to qualify.

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