2018 April: The Little BIG BAOBAB Book spreads its wings

Little Big Baobab Book

It’s just over 18 months since we announced the publication of EcoProducts Foundation’s first book The Little BIG Baobab Book.
Publishing the booklet has been a long-time dream come true for Dr Sarah Venter, owner of EcoProducts.  Having acquired her PhD in Baobab Ecology, she says:

‘The research which appears in scientific papers and theses is not available to most people – especially to the VhaVenda people whose lives are so closely linked to the baobab trees of South Africa.  It’s my hope that everyone will learn what a valuable tree the baobab is and be motivated to become a custodian of this magnificent species.’

On the 20th March 2018, Mr Khathadzo Rantsana (brother of the traditional leader and member of the Royal Council of Muswodi Dipeni village) accompanied Dr Sarah Venter and Mr Sam Nephiphidi (involved in Environmental Education & Community Work in Vhembe District) to give an environmental education talk at the Primary School and Secondary School in Muswodi Dipeni.
Little Big Baobab book
Sarah donated each school library 100 Baobab Booklets for learners to borrow and read.  Sarah and Samuel encouraged the learners to plant baobab trees and said that they would give each learner a certificate when their tree reached 3 meters high.
little big baobab book
Here’s Sarah (who is fluent in Tshi-Venda) addressing the schools, showing them the booklet that is now available in their library.  Sarah also told them about how EcoProducts harvests the fallen baobab pods, cracks them open and separates the small dark seeds inside (which are cold-pressed for their valuable baobab oil which is the key ingredient in the BaoCare Range) from the highly nutritious baobab powder which is sold in tubs  throughout South Africa.
If you would like to acquire copies for your local or school libraries, or purchase a copy for yourself (they are retailing for R50.00 a copy)  please contact Sarah directly at info@ecoproducts.co.za.


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